The sale of each lot/space within the Athens Cemetery is handled by transfer of deed. The purchaser then owns the property in its entirety. The Athens Cemetery Association maintains the cemetery as a whole, but individual property owners may also tend their plots within the guidelines of the Rules & Regulations . The transference of deed also aids in genealogical research as it provides the researcher with a clear path of ownership.

Currently, there remain over 4,000 lots/spaces available within the historic grounds (including cremation lots and Columbarium niches). The map will help you in identifying availability and consider pricing.

  • Principal and Historic Sections: $1,100.00 per space
  • Celtic Cross Section: $1,450.00 per space
  • Multi-Lot Family Section: $1,100.00 per space (Burial spaces sold in groups of 8 or more and may be landscaped to suit buyer)
  • Cremation Burial Section: $550.00 per space (2 1/2' x 2 1/2' in size)
  • Columbarium Niches: $1,600.00 each (2 urn capacity each)

There are also a number of small expenses that must be dealt with in order to complete a burial, the opening and closing of a grave and the installation of a marker to name just a few. For this reason, the Athens Cemetery must charge an interment fee of $200.00 on non-holidays and $250.00 on recognized holidays.

All perspective buyers are encouraged to read the Rules & Regulations governing the Athens Cemetery prior to their purchases, and agree to these upon purchase.

A traditional burial is not the only form of interment. If your loved one has chosen cremation over burial, perhaps you could consider purchasing a niche in our Columbarium. Each niche is reasonably priced at $1,600.00 and will accommodate up to two individual urns. To determine if Columbarium interment is appropriate for you, please review the Columbarium Rules & Regulations prior to your purchase.

In an ideal situation, everyone would have a pre-planned funeral that included the purchase of a gravesite. The Athens Cemetery offers a Future Need Program that allows up to one year financing at 0% interest on your future need purchase. However, not everyone prepares their funeral plans in advance. This can result in difficult decisions for their loved ones.

Athens Cemetery lots and burial places are reasonably priced and are an inexpensive alternative compared to Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex prices.

To learn more about the associated costs involved with burial at the Athens Cemetery, please contact Bobby Glass at 903-477-7281.